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Heathrow Airport- Security perimeter works

In addition to Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality support we are assisting contractors with project and programme management services to deliver security enhancements to the Airport infrastructure.

We can help you to do business better by providing direct support and performing tasks which allow you to focus on other matters. Alternatively, we can provide mentoring or coaching to you or your team to enable them to be both more proficient and more efficient.


"Paul’s clarity of purpose and clear guidance provided us with the ability to reconstruct our quality management system. Our refocussed Business Management System (BMS) now supports the delivery of business objectives.


Paul gave us the confidence to reverse engineer our previous approach. Our BMS now facilitates business success outputting compliance with standards as a consequence. He provided the insight which challenged the status quo, moving us away from a system developed in response to external audit which was not serving business needs.


He continues to provide an external and objective view of our activities which ensures we spend time working on our business rather than solely just working in the business."

ABP London- Royal Albert Docks

As part of the multi billion pound re development of Royal Albert Docks we been providing Health and Safety support to the client to ensure they remain abreast of site activities, evaluating safety performance independently of the principal contractor and play an active part in achieving excellent health and safety performance during project delivery.

Ensuring that your contractors do what they say can be an ongoing cause for concern, or worse in the event of incidents or accidents. We can guide you, support, coach and mentor your teams such that you can be assured that the right actions occur at the right time.

Volker Fitzpatrick- Learning & Development

We have been commissioned by the Managing Director to evaluate the current approach to corporate learning and to provide an insight into what is working best within the company together with options for improvement. The extensive use of appreciative inquiry has enabled us to capture and simplify feedback. This has allowed us to identify and clarify key concerns for the employees and allows short executive level summarises and model to be generated. Actions are described concisely for the business leaders and supported by fully aligned working details for those responsible for implementation.

Our construction and business knowledge, use of process mapping, appreciative inquiry techniques and coaching mindset means we can readily get beneath the surface of what might appear to be intractable problems and provide you with a structured solution to achieve meaningful improvement.

"Pauls approach builds upon his initial investment in understanding our business. His appreciative inquiry was able to surface the issues and concerns challenging many of our staff. Consequently, he was able to provide several valuable insights which have shaped our forward thinking.

His findings were well founded and robustly demonstrated; they were clear and concise without understating the challenge to be overcome. The proposed ideas and solutions were in keeping with our company ethos and delivered in a way which allowed us sufficient flexibility ensuring clear ownership of actions by those responsible for implementation.

Paul provided a refreshingly simple, personable and efficient means of understanding and then solving our challenge- an approach I would personally recommend."