Are You Making Any Of The 5 Biggest Mistakes Business Leaders Make During Turbulent Times?

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It’s definitely no longer business as usual!

How are you adapting? Are you under growing pressure to get back to profitability or just seeking to regain control and direction?

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What got you here, won’t get you there!”

This is the title of an interesting Marshall Goldsmith book. However, taken on its own it is a profoundly relevant statement for this quickly developing global catastrophe.



And set your business on a trajectory towards stability and profitability


Many businesses are being forced to come to terms with dramatic changes in their working practices, systems and processes.


What we were doing the week before last is not going to get us to the week beyond next. We need some very flexible dynamic thinking!


A calm balanced and evolved wisdom that will allow us to come up with and implement effective strategies to support us through these significant, albeit (hopefully) short term challenges. 

What are the 5 Core Leadership Principles you should be applying right now to survive and thrive through this turbulent time of exceptional change? 

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Because my glass is always three quarters full I view this current situation as a catalyst for change! Providing all leaders with a golden opportunity to re-evaluate and evolve their leadership style and effectiveness. 


Like it or not, remote working has now become the short term norm, whilst the needs of the business and the results that are required stay exactly the same. So, my question for

you is this “Is your leadership style, systems and processes going to be effective enough when large elements of your workforce are working either remotely or in isolation?”.

We know that command and control is an old outdated leadership style in the world of business. However all too often in times of crisis and stress there is a risk that the chain of command, can, through intense mounting pressure, regress to this highly directive authoritarian approach. 


You will already be well aware from listening to the rhetoric about Covid -19 fed to us through the media that this is all about fighting a war and overcoming a threat. In the UK we are bombarded with a nightly feast of negative updates. Told in no uncertain terms what we can and cannot do. We are but foot soldiers being fed the orders of the day through the application of command and control.

One of the massive risks that you could be facing because of these unprecedented demands being put on you and your business, is for you to lose sight of your normal collaborative, inclusive leadership style in response to this emergency. Where you could easily find yourself regressing to an old, outdated, ineffective command and control approach. This could cause deep and last damage within your business as you risk violating both your own values and the values of your colleagues.


“In the military, they give medals for people who are willing to sacrifice themselves so that others may survive. In business, we give bonuses to people who sacrifice others.”

Simon Sinek


All of the core values that you have previously managed by, the values that have supported the growth of your company, that have created the good will, support and trust of your staff/employees and colleagues will all be at risk of being undermined and possibly even lost forever. 


At all cost don’t risk sacrificing the trust of your staff, they have been and always will be the life blood of your business. All of your magnificent future results relies upon them and more than ever before you will need their support both in the short and long term. You want to know that when this is all over, they are primed, motivated and ready to fly high the second we emerge from this current situation.


It is in times of crisis, that an unseasoned inexperienced leader can tend to rely on traits and abilities that may have produced some of their earlier successes. But an over reliance on these past approaches can blind you, limiting your options and causing a failure to recognise quickly enough changing conditions that demand a new approach. Those that don’t adapt well and evolve could quickly end up on a path that may lead to potentially disastrous consequences.

It's my experience through the results of my clients, that the connect, communicate and collaborate model delivers by far the best and most innovative options and solutions for success. 


"A like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind." 

Nelson Mandela


Effective leadership through change involves the ability to manage and inspire initiative, champion collaboration, attain and maintain 100% buy-in whilst actively feeding and building momentum. Thriving through this transition will come to you by recognising, understanding and addressing peoples’ feelings, attitudes and opinions. What do they perceive the future to be, where are they at emotionally with it, what do they need to help support their optimum performance.


Implement these 5 Core Leadership Principles to help you to thrive through this turbulent time of exceptional change? 

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